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Improving the way we use our water resources is vitally important to ensuring a sustainable future for Victoria. Recycled water is recognised as a valuable source of water and, used appropriately, reduces the strain on our limited water resources. These guidelines are a supplementary document to the Guideline for Environmental Management: Use of Reclaimed Water (EPA publication 464.2). The GEM: Dual Pipe Recycling provides a preventive risk management framework for managing health and environmental risks associated with dual pipe water recycling and sets the health-based water quality objectives for recycled water that is to be used in dual pipe water recycling schemes. On 27 February 27, 2015, an addendum to the Environmental Management: Dual pipe water recycling schemes – health and environmental risk management guidelines (EPA Publication 1015.1) was made to reflect the changes in responsibility for inspection and testing requirements for internal plumbing connections contained in Section 6.2 of the Guidelines.
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Guidelines for Environmental Management; Water; Water; Wastewater
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27 February 2015

Reviewed 30 December 2019