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The Environment Protection Act requires the holder of a licence for a landfill to pay a levy for each tonne of waste deposited onto land at the licensed premises. The landfill levy was introduced in Victoria in 1992 in metropolitan and provincial centres and extended to the whole of Victoria in 1996. Landfill levies play an important role in providing funding assistance to establish waste management infrastructure, support programs for industry, education programs and the resourcing of the bodies responsible for waste planning and management in Victoria. The levies also act as an incentive to minimise the generation of waste and promote investment in developing alternatives to disposal to landfill. This publication details when landfill levies should be paid, and when landfills may be eligible for recycling rebates. This version of the publication provides further clarification of industrial waste and includes further expectations around record-keeping and data retention.This replaces publication 332.6 issued June, 2015 .
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Guideline; Landfill; Waste; Landfill
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29 November 2016

Reviewed 16 December 2019