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EPA has powers under the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the Act) to prevent harm from pollution and waste.  

We can issue a sanction when there’s been a breach of the law. A sanction is an enforcement tool which results in an offender being punished or penalised for breaches of the Act.  

Sanctions range from a warning to prosecution, which could result in a fine or the loss of a licence or permit.  

Our Compliance and Enforcement Policy (publication 1388.3) covers all of the sanctions EPA can seek.   

EPA sanctions can include: 

  • notices of contravention, where there is a major ongoing breach of the law requiring further enforcement action
  • infringement notices, or fines, where the impacts aren’t serious enough to prosecute.  

We support responsive sanctioning, which means we use it to improve environmental outcomes.  

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Reviewed 7 November 2019