EPA can take businesses and individuals to court if they don’t comply with environmental laws. These laws include the:

  • Environment Protection Act 1970 
  • Pollution of Waters by Oil and Noxious Substances Act 1986. 

Offences after 1 July 2020 will be prosecuted under the Environment Protection Act 2017.

Prosecutions aim to:

  • deter businesses and individuals from engaging in harmful activities
  • reduce the harmful effects of pollution and waste on Victoria’s environment and its people.   

A prosecution is a legal proceeding in Victoria's court system. It seeks to hold people to account for breaking the law. EPA prosecutions can result in penalties such as:

  • fines 
  • direction to fund a community environmental project 
  • court costs. 

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Latest prosecutions

  1. ANASIS, Alex

  2. Hazelwood Churchill Pty Ltd

  3. Hazelwood Pacific Pty Ltd

  4. National Power Australia Investments Limited

  5. Australian Power Partners B.V.

  6. C&D Recycling Pty Ltd (ACN: 165 693 603)

  7. K&K Property Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN: 069 833 601)

  8. William KERR (Director, K&K Property Holdings Pty Ltd)

  9. Asbestos Australia Pty Ltd (ACN: 88 618 024 043)

  10. Tom Visal CLAPPERS

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