Date of offence
On or about 23 July 2019
Type of offence
1. Dump industrial waste at unlicensed site at East Bendigo on or about 23.07.2019, contrary to s.27A(2)(a).
Background of offense

Prior to the EPA investigation, Rohan Hickinbotham and Deborah Hickinbotham had operated skip businesses in the Greater Bendigo region for several years.

On 3 Mary 2018, Deborah Hickinbotham entered into a lease agreement for the premises at 62-64 Victa Road, East Bendigo (the premises). Rohan Hickinbotham used the premises to operate his skip bin businesses.

On 23 July 2019, EPA Officers attended the premises and observed large amounts of industrial waste being stored at the premises.

Between 24 June 2019 and 26 September 2019, the co-accused were given multiple opportunities by the premises landlord to remove the industrial waste from the premises, however clean-up did not occur and additional waste was deposited on the premises during this period.

On 26 September 2019, the co-accused were evicted from the premises.

Following the eviction, EPA Officers attended the premises and observed large volumes of industrial waste on the premises including carpet, mattress springs, scrap metal, gas cylinders, timber, cardboard, 200L drums, green waste, timber pallets, electrical goods, tyres, paint tins, wheels, bricks, concrete, gyprock, fuel tanks, sand bags, waste oil, furniture and household waste.

Documentation obtained by EPA revealed that the total cost of the insurance claim arising from the damage and waste at the property totalled $112,315.40, with approximately $75,000.00 specifically relating to the clean-up of the waste.

Date of court hearing
14 December 2020
Date of court order
14 December 2020
Court magistrate
R A Higgins
Court location
Bendigo Magistrates' Court
Proceeding number

Court orders made

Without conviction, fined $2,500.00 as part of an aggregate order.

R Hickinbotham (Accused) ordered to pay cost in the amount of $6,728.16.

Stay to 11/12/2021.

Reviewed 15 February 2021