Date of offence
26 January 2020
Type of offence
1. Did deposit litter at Melbourne Airport on 26.01.2020, contrary to s. 45E(1).
Background of offense

The Accused was served an infringement notice for depositing a lit cigarette butt from a vehicle at Melbourne Airport.

The Accused elected to have the matter of the infringement heard and determined in Court.

The Accused pleaded guilty to one charge of depositing litter.

The charge was proven (without conviction), and the accused was fined $400.00 and ordered to pay costs of $400.00

Date of court hearing
21 December 2020
Date of court order
21 December 2020
Court magistrate
R E Falla
Court location
Proceeding number

Court orders made

Without conviction, fined $400.00

The Accused ordered to pay costs in the amount of $400.00

Reviewed 1 March 2021