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EPA is improving its licensing and approvals system.

One of EPA’s functions is licensing certain premises that might present a risk to human health and the environment.

Since EPA’s licensing system started, environmental challenges have changed. Communities are more aware of environmental issues and have higher expectations of business and government. Businesses are more responsive to environmental needs. EPA and the systems we administer need to adapt to these changes.

We began a licensing reform program in 2010 to transform how we interact with business to improve compliance.

EPA’s licensing system reform benefits business, the environment and our community. Our initiatives include:

  • Approvals reform. We’re changing the way we assess applications and issue works approvals and licences.
  • Licensing improvement. Our licensing system benefits business, the environment and the community.
  • Approvals review. We’ve reviewed how we assess applications and grant works approvals and licences.

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Reviewed 31 October 2019