Approvals and licences are key statutory mechanisms EPA uses to protect the Victorian environment. The Approvals review final report (publication 1521) focused on four types of EPA approvals under the Environment Protection Act 1970:

  • works approvals (issued under section 19B of the Act)
  • licensing approvals (section 20)
  • research, development and demonstration approvals (RD&D) (section 19D)
  • emergency or commissioning approvals (section 30A).

The reforms identified in the report will provide proponents, assessors and the community with much greater certainty regarding the basis and timeframes for EPA's approvals and exemption decisions. They will result in a significantly more timely process for industry, particularly at the pre-statutory stage.

EPA's vision is to provide a streamlined, transparent, fair and predictable works approval and licensing system to Victoria's community and industry.

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