In 2015, EPA began reviewing the licences of all EPA licensed sites. To prioritise the review, we have developed a framework based on our licensed operator risk assessment (LORA) model. The review involves updating licence conditions, limits and administrative details.

In 2016, we reviewed landfill licences and developed a set of standard landfill licence conditions.

In 2017, we updated standard licence conditions, and licence management guidelines.

Sector licence review

EPA has been reviewing the licences of different scheduled category sectors. The licence review covers standard conditions, and sector and site-specific conditions.

  • 2018 - waste year - A01, A02,, A04, A07, G05, premises
  • 2019 - air year - A06, A08, A09, D01, D02, D03, D05, D06, D08, E01, F02, F03, G01, G03, G04, H01, H03, H05, I01, I02, I03, I05, I06, J01, L01, L03.
  • 2020 - water year - A03, B03, K04.

Reviewed 8 September 2020