Our Major Industries Reference Group includes industry associations and organisations. It represents to us interests and views of businesses and duty holders in major industries, including: 

  • petroleum and metal refining 
  • mining and extractive industries 
  • energy generation sectors.

The Major Industries Reference Group provides input and advice to us that: 

  • improves our communication with industry 
  • identifies emerging environmental issues 
  • contributes to our industry understanding, which helps shape our policy and activities 
  • explores how we can partner with industry 
  • improves industry’s levels of compliance with the Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 
  • helps us work towards achieving fair business conditions for all. 

Major Industries Reference Group members

AGL Energy 

Alinta Energy 


Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia 

Chemistry Australia 

Energy Australia 

Exxon Mobil 

Minerals Council of Australia 

Viva Energy Australia

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Reviewed 1 April 2020