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Quarterly air monitoring results for Tullamarine

10 Jun 2011

EPA Victoria has released results of the first quarter of air monitoring
conducted in the vicinity of the now closed Tullamarine Landfill.

The monitoring is being undertaken to address community concerns about the
health effects of exposure to pollutants.

It follows the release in February of the Tullamarine Landfill – Community
Health and Environment Report which found no increased incidence of cancer for
residents living in a four kilometre radius of the landfill.

The Report also confirmed the landfill’s cap was adequate and a review of
historical air quality data from the site demonstrated very low levels of
harmful pollutants in residential areas.

EPA CEO John Merritt said the release of the first round of results was part of
EPA’s 12- month commitment to undertake air monitoring for a full range of air
pollutants at four local sites.

“We undertook this additional air monitoring to give the community more
information about their local environment and give them confidence the site did
not represent an unacceptable risk,” Mr Merritt said.

“The results show that for the 39 substances monitored, all were at lower
levels than the relevant air quality standards.”

“Many of the substances monitored were actually below detectable levels, while
the levels of benzene, toulene and xylene were comparable to other parts of

Mr Merritt said the Tullamarine Landfill’s owner, Transpacific Industries, had
also recently upgraded the equipment used to destroy the small amount of gas
being emitted from the landfill via three bores.

“This means that 99.9% of volatile gases are no longer emitted from the
landfill “, he said.

Further details including the full results of the Tullamarine Landfill
monitoring program between February and April 2011 can be viewed at

Results for the next quarter will include information from a fifth air
monitoring site.

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