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Dead animal dumping must stop

14 Aug 2012

EPA Victoria is urging landowners and local authorities to learn the best
methods of disposal after animal remains were found in a waterway in Moorabool

EPA South West manager Eve Graham said it was vitally important people had
reliable information about what to do to avoid some of the health and
environmental issues that could otherwise occur as a result of poor disposal.

“This dumping cannot continue, not only is it offensive but the environmental
costs of illegal dumping can be substantial, with potential for nearby stock to
be harmed by the introduction of pathogens,” Ms Graham said.

“Industry and individuals are responsible for ensuring that their waste is
managed. Our waterways are a precious resource and need to be protected.

“If farmers are unsure about their stock disposal options, I urge them to
contact us.”

EPA suggests burial sites to be on flat high ground, and at least 200 metres
from any surface waters. The highest seasonal water table should not be within
two metres of the bottom of the burial pit.

Burial pits should not be dug in highly permeable soils and not be situated
within 300 metres of a neighbour’s house. Carcasses should be covered by at
least one metre of earth.

Community members with information are asked to contact EPA on the pollution
hotline 1300 372 842.

Farmers seeking further information on the correct disposal of dead animals are
encouraged to read EPA Victoria’s “Waste Management on Farms” publication which
is available on the website at

Page last updated on 14 Aug 2012