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EPA action continues in Cranbourne

5 Jul 2012

EPA Victoria has issued a new notice to Casey City Council to ensure the
ongoing management of the Stevensons Road closed landfill site in Cranbourne.
A current notice that requires the Council to take all practicable measure to
manage landfill gas and odour in problem areas of the closed landfill is due to
expire shortly.
To date, Casey City Council has complied with all requirements set by EPA,
including the production and implementation of Clean Up, Groundwater Management
and Landfill Management plans along with regular monitoring and the provision
of results to EPA.

EPA’s Acting Director of Environmental Regulation Bronwyn Green said the new
notice was about ensuring ongoing vigilance from the Council on this issue.

“The notice is not a punishment but is a regulatory tool to ensure continued
action at the site to manage the ongoing environmental risks, including
remediating any landfill gas that may have migrated beyond the boundary of the
closed landfill,” Ms Green said.

“As part of this notice, there will be ongoing monitoring of gas levels for
methane and carbon dioxide, also a requirement in the previous notice, to
ensure Council continues to take all practicable measures to substantially
reduce gas levels by July 2013.”

Casey City Council is expected to submit an environmental auditor’s report to
EPA by 31 August 2012, confirming the extent and quality of the measures
currently completed by the Council.

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