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EPA issues notices on Green Chip recycler in Killara

27 Jul 2012

EPA Victoria has issued two Notices to Ileowl Pty Ltd. operating as Greenchip
Recycling to address odour and waste management issues at their Baranduda site.

The Pollution Abatement Notices were issued on July 25 after hundreds of
complaints over a number of years from the local community and intensive
investigation by the regulator. The Notices will require them to address the
management of contaminated stormwater and liquid waste likely to be causing the
reported odour.

EPA North East Manager Clare Kiely said the company was now expected to act
quickly to fix the problem.

“Notices are a remedial tool designed to ensure environmental issues are
addressed. They are issued when a problem cannot be fixed there and then and
hold the notice holder to account with set timeframes and conditions," Ms Kiely

As part of the Notices served on the company, Greenchip is required to modify
its infrastructure to ensure no waste is discharged to stormwater, improve
containment of chemicals and oils, and implement a stormwater monitoring

In a separate Notice concerning water balance, the company is required to
calculate the waste water storage capacity at the site, consider water usage on
site and include consideration for rain fall events in its modelling.

“Odour complaints have continued to rise as the poor infrastructure and wet
weather has compounded the odour issue and in turn affected quality of life for
nearby residents,” Ms Kiely said.

“We have made it clear to Greenchip, publicly and privately that they need to
take action at their site to address this odour pollution quickly.

“Residents have a right to live in a vibrant community that is not affected by
the impact of industry.”
On top of the new notices, Greenchip will continue to be closely monitored by
EPA to ensure they meet the day-to-day obligations of managing their site.

The Environment Protection Act provides for fines up to $286,680 for
contravening a Pollution Abatement Notice. In the case of a continuing offence,
a company may be ordered to pay up to $143,340 for each day on which the
offence continues.

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