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Welcome to the new website of EPA Victoria

29 Jul 2012

It’s with great excitement that we unveil our new website to you.

Aside from an updated look, the new website features better structured information making it easier for you to understand our wide range of information and enforcement activities.

You’ll be able to search through what work we are doing and dig deeper into our advice on how to protect the environment.

In addition, we’ve added a refreshed news section to bring you better content and update you on new and exciting things happening at EPA.

EPA’s newly designed website aims to increase awareness about our role in regulating pollution in Victoria as well as supporting a vision for a healthy environment and a liveable and prosperous Victoria.

So if you want to report pollution, are seeking general information about our role in regulating Victoria’s environment or perhaps you’re a business and need to know about licence requirements and regulations? The new site has all of the above and more.

We think you’ll like the new look at and we’re sure you’ll like the improved navigation and fresher information. Feedback on the website is welcome so feel free to contact us.

Page last updated on 29 Jul 2012