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EPA conducts precautionary testing around former landfill site in Heatherton

26 May 2015

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) will today begin air quality testing around Ball Rd, Heatherton, as a precautionary measure following some elevated readings in methane levels.

Slightly elevated levels of methane gas have been detected in three service industry pits in the area, the site of a closed landfill operated by the former Brighton City Council between 1966 to 1984. 

EPA Executive Director, Regional Services Damian Wells said current readings indicated there was no immediate risk to residents.

“As a precautionary measure, EPA will be undertaking further monitoring in the area,” Mr Wells said.

“From this afternoon, EPA Authorised Officers will be visiting the area to begin air quality testing in approximately 40-60 priority homes, selected on the basis of proximity to the site and the type of building structure.

“Testing should take about 20 minutes and residents will have the chance to discuss any concerns they may have with the officers at the time. Testing will be conducted in a safe and consistent manner and all aspects will be explained to residents.

“As there is no immediate risk at these levels, we advise residents they don't need to take any action, with the further monitoring we're undertaking the most appropriate next step.

“Should residents not be home at the time, EPA officers will leave information leaflets outlining the situation, along with a 1300 number to call to arrange a convenient time for a follow up visit later in the week.

“Residents wanting more information are invited to call EPA on 1300 372 842, and visit our website, for more information,” he said.

To ensure appropriate ongoing management of the gas source, EPA intends to issue the landowner with a remedial notice to undertake increased monitoring of landfill gases. EPA is also investigating issuing another notice requiring the installation of further monitoring bores to more accurately delineate the movement of landfill gas. 

EPA will keep residents up to date and informed of any developments by phone, mail and information bulletins.

Residents who have any concerns or who would like more information are encouraged to call EPA on 1300 372 842.

Page last updated on 26 May 2015