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Loy Yang B works approval – submissions close this Wednesday

10 Oct 2016

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is reminding the community they have the opportunity to provide feedback on a proposal to upgrade Loy Yang B power station in the Latrobe Valley.

Written submissions close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 12 October 2016.

The works approval application by IPM Operation & Maintenance Loy Yang Pty Ltd seeks to retrofit new, higher efficiency turbine blades to each of the existing power generating units, which would increase power generation capacity by seven per cent.

The company has indicated that any increase in emissions would still be within the limits imposed by its existing EPA licence and that the proposal would see the intensity of emissions decrease.

The new turbines will consume approximately four per cent more coal and any possible impacts on the Latrobe Valley community and the local environment need to be properly considered before a final decision is made.

Works approvals are issued by EPA Victoria under the Environment Protection Act 1970. They are required for industrial and waste management activities that have the potential for significant environmental impact.

Information about making a submission is available on EPA’s website.

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