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Latrobe Valley residents meet to model air monitoring in the region

12 Oct 2016

A panel of Latrobe Valley residents will meet this week with Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) scientists to discuss how air monitoring in the region continues into the future.

The session, the second of a three, will be held at the Morwell Bowling Club from 5.30pm-8.30pm on Thursday 13 October.

At the meeting, panel members will co-design the future of the air monitoring network run by EPA in the Latrobe Valley. This will include discussions about what to measure, where air monitoring equipment might be stationed to best capture data in the region, and the time equipment might stay in a given location before moving to another.

Once the panel discussions conclude, EPA will then begin implementing the panel’s preferred air monitoring model in consultation with the community and council.

EPA anticipates the new air monitoring network in the Latrobe Valley will be established during 2017 and 2018.

Community members not on the panel can still provide ideas and opinions about air monitoring locations and options by emailing , using the subject line ‘community air monitoring ideas’.

Further information about the co-design process can be found at:

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