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EPA making enquiries into Corkman pub demolition

18 Oct 2016

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is making enquiries to ensure that construction and demolition waste from the Corkman Irish Pub in Carlton is disposed of correctly.

The building, protected by a heritage overlay, was demolished last weekend without council permits.

Metropolitan Manager, Daniel Hunt said EPA officers attended the site today and observed a large amount of rubble and took samples of a material which could be asbestos.

“We’ll send the material away for testing and work with our co-regulators, including WorkSafe, the Victorian Building Authority and the City of Melbourne, to ensure public health and the environment are protected,” Mr Hunt said.

Mr Hunt said EPA expected to receive the asbestos test results within the next week.

“We’ll also attempt to contact the site owners to inform them of the penalties that can apply if construction and demolition waste from the site is disposed of illegally,” he said.

The illegal dumping of construction and demolition waste is a particular focus for EPA.

Under the Environment Protection Act 1970, construction and demolition waste must only be disposed of at facilities licensed or permitted to accept it.

Any person who dumps construction and demolition waste, or permits its illegal disposal, faces a fine of more than $7,500 or up to $758,350 if prosecuted.

WorkSafe has advised EPA it has also attended the site and is making enquiries.

Corkman hotel site - demolition waste

Corkman hotel site - demolition waste

Corkman hotel site

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