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EPA to cover remaining Cairnlea construction waste

28 Oct 2016

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has appointed specialists to cover construction and demolition waste at 93B Furlong Road, Cairnlea.

EPA Metro Manager Daniel Hunt said that the waste, found to contain asbestos and likely from the demolished Corkman Irish Pub in Carlton, would be covered this evening, Friday 28 October 2016.

“EPA has taken this action as the owner of the land has not complied with two statutory notices requiring them to cover all waste at the site by 4pm, Friday 28 October,” Mr Hunt said.

“While a large part of the waste has been covered, it has not all been covered, and now EPA has will ensure it happens.”

Mr Hunt said hiring a specialist to undertake this work was an unprecedented move by EPA, outside of an emergency incident, and that although the risk to community was low the action had to be taken to ensure the community was confident in its environment.

“EPA will seek to recover the costs associated from the coverage of the waste at the site through pending legal action it will take against the owners of the site to hold them account for their actions,” Mr Hunt said.

The site owner has conducted air monitoring at site, the results of which shows no asbestos fibres in the air.

Mr Hunt said the EPA would had already issued the companies that own the Corkman Irish Pub and Cairnlea sites three fines each worth over $7,500.

“It is important to note that the fines are on top of pending legal action that is yet to commence,” Mr Hunt said.

“EPA is continuing its investigation to hold those responsible to account before the courts. Anyone who dumps construction and demolition waste, or permits its illegal disposal, faces a fine of up to $758,350 if prosecuted,” Mr Hunt said.

“In gathering evidence, EPA will be looking into a range of possible offences that have occurred under the Environment Protection Act 1970.”

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