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West Footscray company fined for illegal tyre stockpile storage

7 Apr 2017

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has fined a West Footscray business $7,773 for failing to reduce its tyre stockpile to within the state’s legal storage limits.

EPA Metro Manager Dan Hunt said that during a compliance visit on 25 January 2017, EPA officers found more than 7,000 waste tyres at the Somerville Road site and that the company, 19713 Pty Ltd, which trades as Casings Australia, did not hold an EPA licence.

“Sites in Victoria that store more than the equivalent of 5,000 whole car tyres must have an EPA licence,” Mr Hunt said.

“The company was aware of the licence requirements that came into effect in 2015 requiring businesses obtain a licence from EPA if they intend on storing more than 5000 tyres.”

“EPA issued the company with a Pollution Abatement Notice (PAN) in April 2016 requiring they reduce their stockpile, which was sitting at 45,000 tyres at the time.”

“They had until 23 January 2017 to get tyres on site under 5,000 and while efforts had been made in reducing the stockpile, they failed to get it below this.”

“Companies that receive EPA notices have legal obligations to meet the requirements and failure to comply is an offence under Section 31A (7) of the Environment Protection Act 1970.

“EPA introduced new legal requirements for storing waste tyres to protect Victorians against the fire risk associated with inappropriately managed waste tyre stockpiles.”

“EPA will continue to monitor the site and if Casings Australia continues to breach environment protection requirements, EPA will consider further enforcement action under the Environment Protection Act 1970.”

Waste tyres can create environmental and public health risks for Victoria. Whole tyres are flammable and when stored together in large volumes, can create a fire hazard. Once ignited, a tyre fire is difficult to extinguish and causes significant environmental, social and economic costs.

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