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Werribee landfill extension 20B conference report released

11 Apr 2017

An independent facilitator’s report on the community consultation session regarding Wyndham City Council’s works approval application to extend Werribee landfill is now online.

The consultation session, known as a 20B conference, was held last month to provide an opportunity for Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) to discuss and clarify concerns people raised in their submissions.

The report includes the independent facilitator’s reflections and recommendations that represent an impartial, non-expert view, based on public submissions and comments made at the public meeting.

EPA Development Assessments Manager, Tim Faragher said EPA would take into account the recommendations of the facilitator as part of its ongoing assessment of council’s Works Approval application.

“EPA will be formally requesting further information from council based on the recommendations from the conference report and to assist with any other unanswered questions,” he said.

“The additional information will enable EPA to continue its thorough assessment of council’s works approval application.”

“When the additional information has been received, it will be made available and the public will be invited to review and provide any other feedback they may have.”

In its Works Approval application, council plans to:

    • Construct four new large landfill cell areas (that will each be made up of multiple cells) within the current site to the maximum height allowed under the current planning scheme of 44 metres Australian Height Datum (AHD), or about 22 metres above ground level.
    • Increase the height of four existing cells to the same maximum height allowed under the current planning scheme of 44 metres AHD. These cells are currently filled to heights ranging from 30 to 33 metres AHD, or about 8-10 metres above ground level.

      There has been no request to expand the size of the current landfill site and no request to change the type of waste it currently receives.

      The landfill site currently receives domestic and commercial waste, demolition material, shredded tyres, uncontaminated fill and food and garden waste. Prescribed industrial waste (including asbestos) is not proposed to be accepted on site.

      The initial presentation component of the 20B conference can be viewed on EPA’s website. For further information on the works approval application, please click here:


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