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Man hit with EPA fine for causing environmental hazard

13 Apr 2017

A Box Hill South man hired to strip paint off a building located on Daylesford’s main street has been fined $1866 by Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) after his actions led to toxic chemicals entering the stormwater system.

On 9 March 2017, EPA received a community report from the public that paint was being stripped from a building, at 89 Vincent Street, and a white substance was being washed into the stormwater system. When EPA officers arrived on site, they confirmed the community report.

EPA’s investigation of the stormwater system identified the drain was connected to nearby Doctors Gully Creek. However, EPA didn’t identify any white substance in the creek.

EPA’s North West Manager, Dr Scott Pigdon said it was unknown how much of the paint stripper and residue entered the stormwater system.

“Paints and paint strippers can cause major environmental problems if they get into the stormwater system because they are highly toxic materials that can threaten aquatic life,” he said.

“The individual in this matter did not have adequate capture and controls measures in place nor did he take it upon himself to research the product and familiarise himself with correct handling and disposal procedures. There is information readily available online.

“This pollution incident caused a high level of public interest and EPA would like to thank the community member for making a report.”

“EPA encourages anyone who witnesses pollution to report it to EPA’s Pollution Hotline on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC).”

Page last updated on 13 Apr 2017