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Joint EPA and CFA update on Stawell tyre stockpile site

2 Aug 2017

Repeated failure by the owners of a tyre stockpile in Stawell to comply with Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) notices and with a Country Fire Authority (CFA) Fire Protection Notice has led EPA to take steps to take charge of the site and effect a clean-up.

EPA has given notice to the owners of the stockpile situated on Saleyards Road, Stawell, that it is considering taking steps under Section 62 (conduct or cause a clean-up) of the Environment Protection Act 1970 to take charge of the site and effect a clean-up.

The new owner of the site now has seven days to respond before EPA takes any further on site steps to reduce the risk that exists to the local community.

The stockpile was assessed by the CFA as a very high fire risk that presented social, environmental and economic implications for the people of Stawell.

To date, the owner has not complied with a Fire Prevention Notice issued by CFA, or three statutory notices issued by EPA that required a reduction in the tyre stockpile, stockpiles to be separated and measures taken to reduce the risk of fire.

EPA and CFA are continuing to work together with Northern Grampians Shire Council and other agencies to ensure the site is managed appropriately to ensure community safety.

Both agencies are disappointed the owners have taken no real steps to manage the site.

EPA will continue to provide the community with updates as the process unfolds. 

Page last updated on 2 Aug 2017