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Calder fined

15 Aug 2017

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has fined the Calder Raceway for failing to comply with licence conditions that demand an audited review of its landfill arrangements.

The mounds that spectators stand on at Calder are licenced as landfill and as part of the condition for allowing them, they must, under the licence conditions, have  a monitoring program which is verified by an environmental auditor.

“Many years ago, spectator mounds were created by piling dirt which would have carried some level of contaminant material,” explained EPA Metro Manager Peter Kerr.

“Calder is licenced to have the spectator mounds and as a condition of their licence a monitoring program should be in place and verified by an appropriately appointed auditor pursuant to the Environment Protection Act.

“At least twice they have been reminded of the need for this process but as they have so far failed to comply they have been fined $7,773.”

Mr Kerr said it was important to be vigilant even where procedural matters like this were concerned to ensure the safety and health of the public and the environment.

Page last updated on 15 Aug 2017