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Can science keep Melbourne liveable?

17 Aug 2017

Melbourne has retained its Most Liveable City status, so now is a good time to reflect on what has kept us on the top of the list all these years, what will need to be done to keep us there and the role that science will play in guiding decision making that affects our premier status.


“There are many factors that have earned Melbourne this title, but science touches on each one of them in some way,” said Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) and Victoria’s Chief Environmental Scientist, Dr Andrea Hinwood.


“For example, greater urban density will only work when its environmental impacts are considered. Transporting our population will require scientific advances, many of which are still under development. Dealing with noise and waste and of course the potential for increased heat, also mean we face unique environmental challenges in cities that need unique and innovative solutions.  Science can help us with that. And all the time, other cities will be improving their liveability with their own advances using science as the basis of their decision making.


“How will Melbourne use science to stay on top, or do even better? Can science keep Melbourne liveable?”


That’s the question that a panel of experts will discuss this Friday, 18 August as part of Science Week.


EPA has convened an expert panel to answer the question; “Can Science Keep Melbourne Liveable?”


Join Dr Hinwood, EPA Science Guy Dr Anthony Boxshall and a panel of experts as we look into the huge contribution science and scientists expect to make in securing Melbourne’s position as not only the Most Liveable City in the World, but as the most liveable city it can be.



Can Science Keep Melbourne Liveable?

When:              18 August, 12.15 – 2.30pm

Where:             Deakin Edge 1 Flinders Street, Melbourne


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