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EPA to hold conference for Wyndham landfill extension application

28 Feb 2017

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is inviting community members to attend a consultation session on 14 March 2017 to discuss Wyndham City Council’s plans to extend operations within the boundaries of its current landfill at Wests Road, Werribee.

The consultation session, known as a 20B conference, provides an opportunity for EPA and the applicant to discuss and clarify concerns people raised in their submissions. It will be held at the Mansion Hotel & Spa at Werribee Park at 6pm.

Council plans to:

  • Construct four new large landfill cell areas (that will each be made up of multiple cells) within the current site to the maximum height allowed under the current planning scheme of 44 metres Australian Height Datum (AHD), or about 22 metres above ground level.
  • Increase the height of four existing cells to the same maximum height allowed under the current planning scheme of 44 metres AHD. These cells are currently filled to heights ranging from 30 to 33 metres AHD, or about 8-10 metres above ground level.

There has been no request to expand the size of the current landfill site beyond its current boundaries and no request to change the type of waste it currently receives.

EPA Development Assessments Manager Tim Faragher said EPA received the company’s Works Approval application in December 2016 and following this, community had the opportunity to make a public submission until 7 February 2017.

“During this time, EPA received about 160 submissions from community members. The concerns mainly relate to odour, site suitability, health impacts and proximity to local residential areas,” Mr Faragher said.

“The consultation session is a formal, independently facilitated statutory conference under section 20B of the Environment Protection Act 1970. EPA holds these sessions to ensure we fully understand the community’s concerns regarding the application and we will take into account the recommendations of the conference chair when making a decision on the application.

“On top of this, EPA will also assess information provided from the public submissions and by internal experts and relevant government agencies.”

Mr Faragher said EPA also issued Wyndham City Council with a formal notice last month requiring that they provide additional information on existing groundwater conditions, leachate management and stormwater management.

“EPA identified that these aspects needed further information to enable EPA to undertake a thorough assessment of the works approval application,” Mr Faragher said.

The 20B conference will be held on 14 March at the Mansion Hotel & Spa at Werribee Park, starting at 6pm.

EPA will provide an online live stream of the initial presentation component of the conference for those unable to attend, which will be recorded and available on our website.

To attend this event, please RSVP by emailing or by calling EPA on 1300 372 872 (1300 EPA VIC).

For further information on Wyndham City Council’s works approval application and to register to view the online interactive live stream, please visit:

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