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EPA fines Wollert company over $7500 for illegal chemical discharge

30 Jan 2017

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has fined a Wollert company more than $7,500 for discharging hazardous chemicals above its EPA licence limits into the air at its Summerhill Road premises.

The company was also found to be using incorrect testing procedures when monitoring emissions from kilns at its site.

EPA Metro Manager Daniel Hunt said Austral Bricks Pty Ltd reported to EPA that it had breached its EPA licence emission limits for both chlorine compounds and sulphur dioxide.

“Austral Bricks has now improved its testing methods at its factory in Wollert and its emission levels have almost returned to within EPA licence conditions,” Mr Hunt said.

“EPA has issued a further notice to ensure the company returns to licence compliance and EPA experts will continue to assess the site to ensure those requirements are met.”

Mr Hunt said EPA would also issue the company with another notice that required it to install upgrades to its plant to ensure licence emission limits were met.

“This notice will ensure the company has equipment in place that will prevent any further licence breaches occurring,” Mr Hunt said.

Mr Hunt said that the impacts of the emissions could have affected nearby vegetation.

EPA urges members of the public to report suspected pollution to EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) or at

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