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EPA completes air monitoring campaign in Coolaroo

21 Jul 2017

Following discussions with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has stopped monitoring air quality around the SKM Recycling and Waste Management site in Coolaroo.

The decision was made to cease recording air quality data as the fire that broke out at the site last week has been brought under control and is no longer generating smoke.

EPA deployed four mobile air monitoring stations after a request from the incident controller, MFB in this instance, and provided data collected to both MFB and the Department of Health and Human Services as required under emergency management protocols.

Data was also available hourly from EPA’s AirWatch website.

EPA also undertook mobile monitoring of air quality around schools in the Coolaroo and Dallas areas earlier this week, which showed readings typical of what would be expected on cool winter days.

EPA CEO Nial Finegan expressed his gratitude to local residents that hosted EPA equipment in their gardens.

“This gracious support allowed our devices to be located where they best reflected local conditions to help us keep the community informed about air quality,” Mr Finegan said.

A report summarising the results of air quality collected from monitoring sites during the incident will be made available by EPA once it has been finalised.

Page last updated on 21 Jul 2017