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Panmure compost facility expansion information session

9 Jun 2017

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) will attend an information session regarding a proposed expansion of the Statewide Recycling Services Pty Ltd composting facility in Panmure on Tuesday 20 June.

The company has submitted a works approval application to EPA to increase its composting capacity from 5,000 to 14,000 tonnes and to update its process technology.

EPA Development Assessments Manager Tim Faragher said the information session would be held at the Panmure Hotel.

“Residents and interested persons are invited to view information about the proposal and to learn about how they can make public submissions. Both EPA and the applicant will be in attendance,” Mr Faragher said.

The Panmure facility currently operates as an open air, turned windrow composting facility; the proposed improvements would replace this with in-vessel forced aeration technology and specifically would include: 

  • Mixing waste in a concrete mixing bay
  • Pasteurising composting materials in two aerated concrete bays. Composting piles would be covered and odourous air collected and ducted to a new bio-filter for treatment prior to discharging to air. 
  • After pasteurising, composting materials would be moved to two mobile aeration floor units for maturation. This would ensure the composting takes place in aerobic conditions to minimise odour emissions.

Works approvals are issued by EPA Victoria under the Environment Protection Act 1970.  They are required for industrial and waste management activities that have the potential for significant environmental impact.

The open house information session will be held between 12pm-2pm on Tuesday 20 June 2017 at Panmure Hotel, 8809 Princes Hwy, Panmure VIC 3265. 

The period for public submissions closes on 28 June 2017. Submissions must be sent to: GPO Box 4395, Melbourne, VIC 3001, or email to:

Members of the public who wish to speak to EPA about the proposal can call 1300 372 842.

Statewide Recycling Services Pty Ltd’s application and accompanying reports can be viewed and downloaded at:  

Statutory timelines allow EPA up to four months to make a determination on the works approval application from the date when it was first accepted, which was 24 May 2017.

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