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EPA puts concrete company under the pump

29 Jun 2017

A Tullamarine concrete pumping company has been fined $7,773 by Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) and must build a protection system to stop truck and pump wash waste water illegally washing into the stormwater drain.

Following a report by a concerned member of the public, EPA officers investigated and issued a Pollution Abatement Notice (PAN) in February 2017 ordering Nationwide Concrete Pumping (Vic) Pty Ltd of Tullamarine Park Rd, Tullamarine to stop washing their trucks and pumps in their yard until adequate controls were in place.

In April 2017, an inspection of the site by EPA officers found that the PAN was not being complied with.

“The company could have taken their trucks to a nearby commercial wash bay, but, despite EPA warnings, a truck was seen being washed by a Nationwide employee in their yard without those controls in place,” said EPA Manager Metro Dan Hunt.

“According to a company director, the waters were washing into an isolation pit for later disposal. However, it was clear to EPA inspectors that wasn’t happening and that the water was still washing into the stormwater drain.

“They were told of the issue, promised they would address it with a permanent solution and given a temporary solution with a nearby wash bay, so it was easily preventable.”

 “Adequate temporary controls are now in place and works are underway for permanent controls,” said Mr Hunt.

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