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EPA fines Deldi Holdings Pty Ltd for night time noise

6 Mar 2017

A Tullamarine based company has been fined $7,773 by Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) for failing to reduce noise levels during operations at night.

EPA Metro Manager Daniel Hunt said Deldi Holdings Pty Ltd, trading as Ferraro Dairy Foods, was issued with a pollution abatement notice in September 2016 after EPA noise monitoring found night time operations at the site exceeded the 45 decibels (dB) limit at nearby residential properties.

“Night time monitoring of activities at the company’s premises found plant equipment such as compressors and boilers were in operation about 2am. This equipment exceeded the noise limit of 45 dB by up to 10 dB and was impacting on local residents,” Mr Hunt said.

“A notice was served on Deldi Holdings Pty Ltd requiring the modification of equipment or the installation of controls to reduce noise emissions.”

Under the terms of the notice, Mr Hunt said the company had until 9 January 2017 to reduce the noise level generated by their premises to 45 dB between 10pm and 7am. A report outlining what action the company had taken to achieve compliance with environmental regulations* was also due to EPA by 23 January.   

“While the company had undertaken some work to reduce noise emissions, EPA did not receive a report by the due date and further noise testing found operations from 2am onwards were still exceeding the 45 dB limit.

“Continued failure by the company to meet the 45 dB limit could see it fined up to $373,104 if this case goes before the courts,” Mr Hunt said.

Mr Hunt said the fine issued to Deldi Holdings Pty Ltd should serve as a reminder to businesses to ensure noise generated by night time operations complies with environmental laws.

EPA encourages the community to report pollution on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) or by visiting

* Deldi Holdings Pty Ltd was in breach of a Pollution Abatement Notice requiring compliance with of the State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Noise from Commerce, Industry and Trade) No. N-1, which can be referenced as SEPP N-1.

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