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EPA puts owners of noisy vehicles on notice

23 Mar 2017

Car pulled over for noise assessment

Seven motorists have been put on notice following an Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) roadside operation targeting noisy vehicles in Oakleigh.

The joint operation took place with Victoria Police on the Monash Freeway, near the Warrigal Road exit, heading outbound, on Saturday 18 March.

EPA officers assessed seven vehicles for excessive noise and found all exceeded legal noise limits, with four of the vehicles exceeding noise limits by 10 decibels (dB) or more.

The loudest vehicle that failed was a Honda Integra which exceeded legal noise limits by more than 23dB.

Evidence collected from each of the vehicles will now be reviewed by EPA’s Enforcement Review Panel which may result in the drivers receiving an official warning or an individual fine of almost $800 for individuals and almost $1600 for a company.

The drivers will also receive an EPA notice to have their vehicles tested by an approved noise tester. The owners will need to make any repairs or modifications as required to ensure their vehicles are compliant before they are retested.

The notice requires the registered owner to lodge a Certificate of Compliance with EPA, which can only be obtained from the approved noise tester if the vehicle is compliant. EPA can suspend a vehicle’s registration if a Certificate of Compliance is not provided.

EPA’s Regulatory Practice and Strategy Executive Director Chris Webb said noisy vehicles were unacceptable, particularly when they had been deliberately modified for performance.

“It shows a blatant disregard for the community members who have a right to live in an environment that is free from preventable noisy disturbances,” he said.

“Noisy vehicles can cause annoyance, sleep disturbance and other health impacts. Motorists need to ensure their vehicles are kept within legal noise limits.”

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Background info

  • The legal noise limits of a vehicle in Victoria are specified in the Environment Protection (Vehicle Emissions) Regulations 2013: 
  • For a motor vehicle manufactured before 1 November 1983, the noise limit is 96dB(A), for vehicles on or after 1 November 1983 the limit is 90dB(A). 
  • Motorcycles manufactured before 1 March 1985 the noise limit is 100dB(A), for motor cycles manufactured on or after 1 March 1985 the noise limit is 94dB(A).  
Vehicles manufactured from 2005 will have their own individual noise limits depending on make and model and these limits can be located from the Green Vehicle Guide.  

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