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EPA at Elmore Field Days

3 Oct 2017

Have a question about managing pollution or waste on the farm?  The farming community can talk face to face with front line Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) officers at this week’s Elmore Field Days (3–5 October). 

EPA North West Regional Manager Dr Scott Pigdon said EPA officers know from experience that farm waste needs proper management, and landowners are sometimes targeted by unscrupulous operators looking to dump waste on the cheap.

‘EPA staff can offer advice on what you can and can’t do with everything from old tyres and demolition waste to asbestos and dead stock,’ Dr Pigdon said. 

‘The benefits are not just in avoiding a fine and the cleanup costs, proper waste management can boost your property value, soil condition and the safety of your stock, while helping to prevent the breeding of a variety of pests,’ he said.  

Pollution and waste issues for the farming community include:

  • construction and demolition waste
  • asbestos
  • unwanted oils, chemicals and drums
  • tyres
  • scrap metals
  • dead stock
  • household waste.

‘An important issue in our part of the world is the management of dairy effluent, and our officers can advise on how to ensure it is an asset to your pasture, not a threat to local waterways,’ Dr Pigdon said.

‘EPA is also warning landholders about the dangers of illegal dumping, especially accepting liquid or solid waste onto their land, which can lead to prosecution and an expensive clean up,’ he said.

‘For good advice on managing pollution and waste on the farm, drop in at EPA’s stand in the Agriculture Victoria marquee at site 349 during the Elmore Field Days.’

A visit to the EPA stand also includes the chance to see aerial drone video of the Stawell tyre stockpile and illegal dumping sites around Victoria.

What: Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) at the Elmore Field Days

Where: Site 349, Elmore Events Centre, 48 Rosaia Rd, Elmore Vic 3558

When: 3–5 October 2017

Opening hours: 8.30 am – 5 pm

Page last updated on 11 Dec 2017