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EPA grants works approval to allow Werribee landfill operation extension

11 Oct 2017

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has granted a works approval to Wyndham City Council that will allow it to extend operations within the boundaries of its current landfill on Wests Road, Werribee.

The EPA works approval, which will be subject to a series of pre-commencement conditions, allows Wyndham City Council to:

  • Construct four new large landfill cell areas (that will each be made up of multiple cells) within the current site to the maximum height allowed under the current planning scheme of 44 metres Australian Height Datum (AHD), or about 22 metres above ground level; and
  • Continue to receive the same types of waste it currently does. 

The landfill site currently receives domestic and commercial waste, demolition material, shredded tyres, uncontaminated fill and food and garden waste. Prescribed industrial waste (including asbestos) is not proposed to be accepted on site.  

EPA Manager of Development Assessments, Tim Faragher, said EPA had made its decision to grant the works approval after a comprehensive examination of the Wyndham City Council’s application. 

“The application has been through a number of revisions following community feedback through the assessment process and the council has provided further information to EPA as requested,” Mr Faragher said. 

“The proposal in its final form meets the requirements of the Environment Protection Act 1970, and considered all relevant state environment protection policies and guidelines.” 

Mr Faragher said EPA considered a range of key issues raised during the assessment period including odour, noise, landfill gas, height and stability. 

“These were assessed by a range of technical experts and have been found to meet the required standards. The works approval also contains conditions that require Wyndham City Council to submit further detailed dust, odour, stormwater management plans for EPA approval,” Mr Faragher said. 

Mr Faragher said EPA hosted three sessions that allowed the community to raise concerns about the proposal. 

“EPA appreciated the level of community interest in this proposal and has taken the necessary time to engage with the community and considered all feedback and public submissions in its assessment,” Mr Faragher said. 

“EPA is committed to openness and transparency in relation to this decision and has provided information on EPA’s website to help the community better understand the process and to be able to read through the reasons behind the decision.” 

Works approvals are issued by EPA Victoria under the Environment Protection Act 1970. They are required for industrial and waste management activities that have the potential for significant environmental impact. 

For further information on Wyndham City Council’s works approval application including EPA’s full assessment of the application, please visit:

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