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EPA fines Kalkallo Hotel for notice breach

18 Sep 2017

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has fined the Kalkallo Hotel $7929 for failing to report to EPA information required for modifications to its waste water treatment plant in a timely manner.

EPA Metro Manager Peter Kerr said the hotel’s management had been directed to make changes to improve the performance of its waste water treatment plant under a pollution abatement notice, but had failed to report appropriate changes to EPA.

The notice followed non-compliances shown in monitoring reports of the hotel’s discharges of waste water earlier this year.

“EPA investigations and analysis at the hotel on Hume Freeway, Kalkallo, showed suspended solids and biochemical oxygen demand in discharged waste water above the hotel’s licence limit, which required modifications to the plant under a notice,” Mr Kerr said.

“EPA has issued a sanction to the hotel under the Environment Protection Act 1970 and in accordance with EPA’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy because the hotel has not reported on appropriate modifications to the plant to comply with conditions of its EPA licence.”

Kalkallo Hotel reported late to EPA that discharges of waste water were being managed by a waste contractor so that discharges were not occurring to the environment.

“Kalkallo Hotel management was given a chance to improve the performance of its waste water treatment plant and keep EPA informed. Its failure to do so as directed by EPA is disappointing and in this instance, a fine has been issued,” Mr Kerr said.

“In making this decision, EPA considered the compliance history of the hotel. Over the past three years, two official warnings and another two infringement notices have been served on hotel management for failure to comply with licence conditions. It is unfortunate that they chose to breach conditions of their licence, however EPA will continue to monitor their discharges and escalate enforcement if the system is not improved.”

EPA urges members of the public to report suspected pollution to the EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) or at

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