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Australian Consolidated Milk fined

5 Dec 2018

The new Australian Consolidated Milk Pty Ltd (ACM) dairy processing plant at Curr Road, Girgarre, in the state’s north west, has gone ahead with construction without first obtaining the appropriate approvals from the regulator, Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA),

EPA North West Regional Manager Dr Scott Pigdon stated; “ACM should have sought EPA approval to be built and will also require an EPA licence when it becomes operational.

“EPA’s approvals are very important as they ensure a plant is designed appropriately to protect human health and the environment from potential pollution. An EPA inspection of the plant on 10 October 2018, confirmed the construction was close to completion with much of the processing plant already in place” said Dr Pigdon.

The company was made aware, during the Council planning application assessment process, of their obligations to obtain an EPA Works Approval, but despite this knowledge the company proceeded with construction without the required approval.

An $8,060 Infringement Notice has now been issued to ACM with instructions the plant cannot commence operations without EPA approval.

A Works Approval application was received by EPA on the 14 September, and has now been assessed and an approval was issued on Friday 30 November, 2018

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