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EPA encourages community to attend open house information session at Brooklyn

2 Mar 2018

People living and working in and around Brooklyn will have the opportunity to speak directly with councils, government agencies, local industries and community groups about their efforts to improve air quality in the area, at the next meeting of the Brooklyn Community Representative Group (BCRG).

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is encouraging the Brooklyn community to attend the Open House information session from 5-7 pm on 7 March 2018 at the Brooklyn Community Hall in Cypress Avenue.

EPA Metro Manager Steven Pugh said EPA is launching a new tactical approach to use forecasting knowledge to predict days where reports of odour and dust are likely to occur in Brooklyn, and new systems where EPA officers will be able to respond and investigate in a more effective manner.

The Open House format is the second the BCRG has hosted, after 2017’s was such a success. The Open House approach lets community members walk around and speak with a number of different organisations directly throughout the evening.

EPA will again be on hand to talk about its compliance work in the Brooklyn Industrial Precinct and about organisational reforms resulting from the Inquiry into EPA and the subsequent Victorian Government response.

EPA’s Applied Sciences Group will also be conducting tours of the air monitoring station at Brooklyn Reserve.

EPA will be hosting interactive odour identification activities, helping locals become familiar with the types of odour associated with different industrial activities. Interested locals can join EPA’s new Brooklyn Odour Defenders initiative.

We encourage the community to drop in at any time during the open house information session on 7 March to ask questions, hear more about the new work and consider becoming an active Brooklyn Odour Defender.

While there have been significant improvements in air quality, Brooklyn still has poorer air quality than many parts of Victoria, and the community continues to experience dust impacts.

EPA will continue to play a main role in the BCRG, work with relevant authorities and community and continue to regulate industrial sites to help eliminate or minimise pollution risks.

For further information on the Open House, drop-in event please visit:

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