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EPA welcomes VAGO air quality audit

8 Mar 2018

EPA welcomes and accepts the recommendations of the VAGO Performance Audit – Improving Victoria’s Air Quality.

The report underscores the importance of the reform work already underway at EPA.

The recommendations are intended to improve the monitoring, assessment and management of air quality in Victoria.

EPA will work with DELWP and relevant local governments to implement the recommendations.

Some of the recommendations can be factored into work that is underway as part of the Victorian Government response to the Independent Inquiry into EPA.

The EPA is committed to ensuring Victorians have the cleanest air possible.

Clean air is vital for protecting Victorians’ health and quality of life, and in maintaining our livability.

The government has invested $162 million to provide Victorians with a modernised EPA well equipped and resourced to address environment challenges, including air pollution.

Reform commitments which will improve air quality monitoring and management include:

    • establishing a Chief Environmental Scientist
    • introducing a general duty to minimise harm to human health and the environment
    • more effectively holding polluters to account
    • reforms to the environmental licensing framework

EPA reforms will provide EPA with a strengthened toolkit to prevent pollution and waste, including air pollution, as well as improving its monitoring and management.

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