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EPA Infringement Notice Repayments

11 May 2018

Through a regular internal review, Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has identified an error in an old litter infringement dispute process that may have adversely affected a small number of people.

The error relates to 344 fines, about 1 per cent of infringement notices issued between November 2013 and December 2015.

“EPA is not satisfied the correct processes were followed and therefore, a refund, with interest, is appropriate,” said EPA CEO Nial Finegan.

Those affected will be contacted by mail in the next 5 to 14 days, detailing how to make arrangements for payment. The infringements will also be withdrawn.

“EPA believes that there is sufficient doubt because of the lapse in process procedure, to refund these payments.

“Victorians hate litterers and about 26,000 infringement notices were received during the review period so the percentage of those affected is very low.

“All the letters should have been received within 14 days, they detail what you have to do to receive your refund.”

Mr Finegan said it was a part of normal business to conduct reviews so the public can have confidence in the systems the EPA uses.

“Checking how our systems are performing is all part of the continuous improvement process. If issues are identified along the way, EPA will take action.”

All those affected will be notified by mail. The team at the EPA call centre will not be able to confirm over the phone whether you will be receiving a letter.

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