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EPA is a world-class regulator of waste and pollution – and very soon we’re going to be even better.

The biggest reform program in EPA’s history is already under way. This means we’ll be more equipped than ever to meet the environmental challenges facing Victoria.

We’ll provide the science-first advice and leadership Victorians need to protect their health and environment.

We’re passionate about this state staying one of the most liveable places on the planet – a place where community and industry continue to thrive.

Independent Inquiry and Government response

The Victorian Government committed to a major public inquiry into EPA in 2014, our first comprehensive review since starting operations in 1971.

The Independent Inquiry into EPA released its final conclusions in 2016. The report identified 48 areas for potential improvement, providing the greatest opportunity for positive and fundamental change in our history. In January 2017, the Government released its response to the Inquiry, providing support in full or in part for all 48 recommendations made by the Inquiry.

Over the next five years, EPA is delivering the Government's response to the Inquiry – and our environment will be healthier for it.

Delivering on the reform

EPA is implementing the Victorian Government’s vision of a more agile, modern environmental regulator.

We’re making the changes needed to meet future environmental and health challenges, and the expectations of our community.

To help get us there, EPA has launched a new five-year organisational strategy, Our Environment, Our Health.

Legislative changes

In response to the Independent Inquiry into EPA, the Government indicated there would be two phases of legislative reform to overhaul the Environment Protection Act 1970.

The first occurred in October 2017, when the new Environment Protection Act 2017 was passed by Parliament. From 1 July 2018, this Act establishes EPA as a statutory authority and legislates the role of the Governing Board, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Environmental Scientist.

Completing the legislative overhaul is the Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2018. The second reading of the Bill occurred in the Victorian Parliament on 20 June 2018, which allows the Bill and associated documents to be accessible by the public. The Bill proposes a general preventative duty supported by stronger penalties for environmental offences.

Read more about the parliamentary process on the Parliament of Victoria website.

Still have questions? Further information about the Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2018 is available on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DEWLP) website.

Reform milestones

1 July 2018 – The Environment Protection Act 2017 comes into effect, establishing EPA as an independent statutory authority and legislating the role of a Governing Board, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Environmental Scientist. The Governing Board also commences at this time.

20 June 2018 – The second reading of the Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2018 occurs in Victorian Parliament.

May 2018 – EPA Governing Board announced: https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/new-epa-governance-board-finalised/

December 2017 – Cheryl Batagol appointed Chairperson of the EPA Governing Board for a term of two years.

October 2017 – Applications open for EPA’s Governing Board.

October 2017 Environment Protection Bill 2017 passed by parliament and receives royal assent. The legislation is now law and becomes the Environment Protection Act 2017.

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