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What you need

Access to the internet

Teaching focus

Have students research how climate change issues are presented on the internet. Internet websites vary in the accuracy and currency of their information. Reliability of the source is an important aspect of critically assessing a website before citing the information. Ask students to consider why they found some websites more helpful than others, for example, the use of images, graphs or animations to explain complex concepts.

What to do

Organise students into pairs or small groups.

Discuss what key terms are appropriate for students to use for a keyword search to use in a search engine to locate sites that provide information on climate change. Alternatively you may supply websites that you have selected rather than students using a keyword search and search engine.

Discuss the importance of using Australian-specific data and information.

Have students use a table to critically assess websites they use on the internet. The table below provides a guide to the types of criteria that may be used.

Criteria for assessing the website on climate change
Layout of information Quality of information Assessment of visuals and other content Reliability of source that developed materials

Provide each student with the Student activity sheet Climate change issues on the internet.

Ask students to write a summary about an aspect of climate change they have researched. Discuss the importance of analysing the text sourced from websites and understanding the meaning by rephrasing it in their own words.


Student activity sheet: Climate change issues on the internet (Word, 61 KB, pdf, 20 KB)