Teacher ideas: radio news

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What you need

Writing materials, audio-recording equipment

Teaching focus

Have students find out how climate change issues are presented through media such as newspapers and radio. Students present to the class information and ideas on climate change as a short radio report.

What to do

Students draw on their ideas and previous discussions about climate change. Provide relevant and topical articles from newspapers for students to read and make connections to what they already know.

Organise students into small groups and allow them sufficient time to create a one-minute radio news report about an aspect of climate change and/or sustainability.

Guide students to consider their audience and the style they will use to convey the message.

Ensure students draft their ideas before attempting to record their radio news report.

Provide simple props to make the dramatisation more engaging.

Record students, using suitable audio-recording equipment, which could be a laptop with built-in microphone or more specialised recording equipment depending on what is available.

Further inquiry

Use the audio recording as part of student self-evaluation or reflection at the conclusion of the unit. Review the news reports and discuss any modifications they would make.