Teacher ideas: evaluating student learning

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The materials provided in this resource offer numerous opportunities for assessment and evaluation of learning.

Activities in Engaging your students such as Brainstorming and concept maps, Time capsule and Radio news are provided to help explore students' prior understandings and attitudes. These activities can be revisited at the end of the teaching unit and the growth of students' learning can be ascertained.

Rich tasks can provide a detailed picture of what students have learnt. Such activities also offer opportunities for students themselves to assess their own understanding and abilities.

The following are possible criteria you could use as part of your assessment strategy. They can form part of self-evaluation, group evaluation or teacher evaluation:

  • participation and contribution to a class activity
  • well-considered input relating to their prior knowledge
  • organising work in a team, working co-operatively with others
  • team takes control of the research
  • sharing information
  • working independently
  • completing tasks on time
  • using different sources to obtain information and solve problems
  • using technology effectively to obtain information
  • providing evidence of how and where they found information
  • extracting and making notes of the appropriate information to answer their questions
  • present ideas and information using a range of formats and media
  • appropriate use of media in preparing a report
  • presentation demonstrates that students answered their questions.

Reflection is an important part of any learning process. Some ideas students could reflect on include:

  • How did this unit of work change my ideas about the environment?
  • Are there any changes to my lifestyle that I would like to make?
  • What did I enjoy about this unit of work?
  • What would I have done differently if I had the chance?
  • Is there anything I would like to improve upon when I do my next unit of work?

A task can be set with the express intention of students producing an information product that can be readily assessed, for example the Rich task: communication project.