Teacher ideas: explaining what I know about climate change

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What you need

Access to the internet and the Australian Greenhouse Calculator

Teaching focus

Provide an opportunity for students to explain what they know about climate change.

What to do

Review and update ideas developed though concept maps and the KWHL chart or other methods used to record students' ideas about climate change.

Review questions that may have been raised as a result of initial discussions about climate change. Prompt students to think about climate change by asking questions such as:

  • What are the possible impacts of climate change in Australia?
  • What impacts of climate change are already occurring in Australia?
  • What is believed to be the cause of climate change?
  • What can you do to reduce your impact on climate change?
  • What is the enhanced greenhouse effect and how does it relate to climate change?

Provide students with access to the Research centre of the Australian Greenhouse Calculator website. This section provides useful background information about climate change that can be incorporated into their revised concept maps, KWHL chart or response to the research questions.

Watch the animation Greenhouse and have students record two ideas that were confirmed, and at least two pieces of new information.

Provide students with the activity sheets Impacts of climate change, Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and Emissions in Australia.


Student activity sheet: Impacts of climate change (Word, 53 KB, pdf, 16 KB)

Student activity sheet: Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (Word, 53 KB, pdf, 20 KB)

Student activity sheet: Emissions in Australia (Word, 53 KB, pdf, 41 KB)