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Environment and Resource Efficiency Plans (EREPs)

EPA’s Environment and Resource Efficiency Plans (EREPs) are a tool available to businesses to realise both the financial and environmental benefits of resource efficiency.

EREP toolkit

The EREP toolkit is a practical manual to assist businesses become more financially and environmentally sustainable through improved resource use.

Case studies, guidance and references in the five modules of the EREP toolkit were designed to support businesses in the EREP program, but can be used by any business aiming to improve resource efficiency.

How to prepare an EREP

A number of workshops slides are available which outline how to conduct a site assessment and identify opportunities to improve resource efficiency. These may be useful to businesses that are putting together an interdisciplinary team to develop an EREP.

The workshop presentations are available to download either as a complete file (PDF 6.9MB) or as individual sections.

Waste management training

A waste management workshop, delivered by Sustainable Learning Australasia aimed to help EREP participants to improve their waste management knowledge. The presentations from this workshop are available below.

Page last updated on 24 Jul 2013