We appoint environmental auditors in the following categories: 

  • Contaminated land. 
  • Industrial facilities. 
  • Natural resources. 

These categories will still be valid initially under the new Environment Protection Act 2017

Once appointed, environmental auditors can carry out legal functions including:  

  • perform environmental audits 
  • prepare audit reports 
  • issue certificates or statements  
  • any function assigned to environmental auditors under the Environment Protection Act 1970  
  • any function assigned to environmental auditors under any other Act.  

What you should know before applying to be an auditor

There’s no training to become an EPA-appointed auditor. When applying, you must be able to show expertise and extensive experience relevant to working as an environmental auditor. You may have to show this across multiple areas, depending on the auditor category for which you apply. 

You’ll need an understanding of the Environment Protection Act 1970 and its associated: 

  • legal policies 
  • regulations 
  • guidelines. 

We expect environmental auditors to keep up to date with any regulatory changes. They also need to understand the new Environment Protection Act 2017

How to apply to become an environmental auditor

We will advertise our next round to appoint environmental auditors and call for applications. There’s no date for this currently.

About the application process

The application process includes: 

  • pre-application information session 
  • preparation and submission of an application 
  • application assessment. 

EPA may also require you to: 

  • provide further information to us within a specified time  
  • sit an exam 
  • appear before an advisory panel for an interview  
  • participate in an induction program. 

Even if you have previous audit or technical training, we base our assessment on your current experience. We also assess your qualifications and ability to meet what’s outlined in the Environmental auditor guidelines for appointment and conduct (publication 865)

Recognising auditors from other states

Auditors appointed or accredited under another state’s equivalent system can apply to be auditors in Victoria. This is according to the Mutual Recognition Act 1992. For more information, see the Environmental auditor guidelines for appointment and conduct (publication 865)

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Reviewed 21 July 2020