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Environmental auditors are highly qualified and skilled individuals with experience in environmental science and/or engineering and environmental auditing. They make auditing reports. These reports have recommendations and conditions for preparing a site for use.

They give independent advice on ways to:

  • assess whether the site is suitable for its proposed use
  • prepare a site for its intended use
  • improve processes at industrial facilities
  • reduce pollution.

Environmental auditors may work with environmental consultants. The auditor oversees the work of the consultant who may:

  • take samples
  • test samples
  • help with auditing processes.

EPA appoints environmental auditors and oversees their conduct. Under the Environment Protection Act 1970, environmental auditors are appointed under three categories:

  • contaminated land
  • industrial facilities
  • natural resources.

We maintain a list of appointed environmental auditors.

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Reviewed 28 October 2019