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These guidelines have been developed to consolidate waste publications under the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009 and provide links to useful resources. They are set out using the waste hierarchy, starting with avoidance.

Find previous publications and their new names in the Industrial waste resource guidelines summary sheet.

Find out how to manage industrial waste the right way.


Policy and legislation

Avoidance or reduction

Reuse and recycling

Secondary beneficial reuse

Classification for reuse

Land application

Managing and reusing fill material (factsheets)

  • The fact sheets (publication 1624) are designed to provide advice on the roles and responsibilities to managers of fills sites, generators of fill material and industrial waste, and transporters. 

Waste categorisation

Prescribed industrial waste with specific handling requirements



Solid industrial waste hazard categorisation and management (IWRG631)

Industrial water reuse (IWR632) 

Additional guidance

Sampling and analysis

Transport permits

Transport certificates

Interstate movement


Classification for disposal

Reviewed 25 August 2021