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Works approvals

Your business must have the right works approvals in place to cover any works that may impact the environment. This is so you can manage your environmental risks and comply with the law.

If you’re applying for a works approval, you must follow our checklist and application process. EPA has forms and a ‘roadmap’ to guide your application.

You must submit enough information for EPA to assess potential impacts on the environment and climate change, including greenhouse gas emissions. Your application may also need a human health risk assessment.

Some businesses are exempt from works approvals under certain circumstances. For example, if your project doesn’t affect:

  • the state of the environment
  • any other person or organisation.

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Other types of approvals

Other types of approvals include:

  • approvals for research, development and demonstration projects
  • 30A approvals – can be for temporary situations like emergencies.

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Research, development and demonstration buildings

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After you complete your approved works, you can apply for a licence to operate.

When you’re an EPA licence holder, you must give us an annual performance statement. These include:

  • the environmental performance of the licence holder
  • how your business has complied with its licence.

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Fit and proper person tests

All approvals and licence applications are subject to ‘fit and proper person’ tests.

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Reviewed 24 July 2020